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In accordance with the decision of Chairman of the Board of Directors,
No. (1) of 2018,  the Libyan Journal of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems was established, appointing  Dr. Radwan Abu Al-Qasim as its Editor-in-Chief. A scientific journal that publishes  theories, applications, tools, and techniques of remote sensing and geographic information systems. With the goal to be a professional and reliable reference, locally and internationally.

Primary interests of the journal:

The journal specializes in the following topics (but not limited to);

1-Remote Sensing (RS)

  • RS techniques
  • RS applications
  • RS data: acquisition, data: capture, processing, and display
  • processing and presentation
  • RS tools

2-Geographic information system (GIS)

  • GIS techniques
  • GIS applications
  • GIS data: : acquisition, data: captured, processed, and displayed
  • processing and presentation
  • GIS tools

3-Geoinformatics (GInfo)

  • Leveraging engineering and information science to develop geospatial technologies

Journal review

Scientific material submitted to the journal  is subject to a strict reviewing process defined by the editorial committee.
submersions are reviewed anonymously, and will be accepted only if approved by at least three reviewers. Authors must adhere to the journal’s submission guidelines to be considered.